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The Bodega Capsule

The Bodega Capsule


 Paying homage to OddFellows’ home and its rich heritage, OddFellows and Desus & Mero present "The Bodega Capsule". Inspired by decades of everyone’s favorite morning pick-me-ups, late night meal runs, and everything in-between, this collection of flavors is a love letter to what they proudly call their birthplace.

This collection includes:

  • baconeggncheese
    • A smoked cream ice cream with candied bacon, whipped cheese cream and candied egg yolks
  • Chico Stix
    • A peanut butter ice cream with a shaved coconut candy crunch
  • Host of Cupcakes
    • A chocolate infused sweet cream base with chunks of homemade chocolate cake and a liquid nitrogen frozen whipped cream
  • Budget Breakfast
    • A honey ice cream with chunks of homemade honey bun cake and coffee soil
  • Bodega Counter Crunch
    • A light caramel ice cream with chocolate covered pretzels, honey roasted peanuts and crushed homemade butter crunch cookies
  • Sweet Tea & Lemonade sorbet
    • A non dairy sorbet that is the perfect mix of sweet tea sorbet and fresh squeezed lemonade sorbet

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