Photo via @tinaaeats (Instagram)

Photo via @tinaaeats (Instagram)


In October 2016, OddFellows Ice Cream Co. launches its Passport Program highlighting distinct flavors from around the globe. Visitors will be able to fill their passport provided at each OddFellows location with stamps from five of the continents. The East Village Sandwich Shop will feature scoops, cookies, toppings, and ice cream sandwiches inspired by each continent, while the Williamsburg parlor will showcase scoops, toppings, and composed desserts. The Passport Program ends February 2017.

October - Asia
November - North America
December - Europe
January - Africa
February - South America

How it works

Stop in each month to collect stamps redeemable for rewards. The more stamps collected, the more rewards you receive!  

2 Stamps from each continent: Free Scoop + OddFellows T-shirt

4 Stamps from each continent: Free Scoop + OddFellows T-shirt + $50 gift card

8 Stamps from each continent: All-you-can-eat BYOB ice cream party at OddFellows Williamsburg for you and 25 of your friends

60 stamps total: OddFellows VIP = OddFellows T-shirt + $50 gift card + All-you-can-eat BYOB ice cream party at OddFellows Williamsburg for you and 25 of your friends. Also entry into drawing for a lifetime supply of OddFellows ice cream scoops.*

*Restrictions apply. Customers must purchase “Continental” flavors. Customers may only receive up to 2 stamps per visit.  One lucky customer will receive a lifetime supply of ice cream for a maximum of one scoop per day in store (all other in-store items do not apply). Parties based on availability, must be booked in 2017, Mon-Thurs (11pm – 1am) with a minimum of two- week notice.


This is our collaboration with the amazing and innovative Babu Ji (NYC). It is a toasted brioche filled with saffron cardamom ice cream, salted rose caramel, Punjabi tea biscuit and pistachios.  Amazing. Look out for other feature flavors like: Ube, Salted Coconut Sticky Rice, Jackfruit sorbet, Red Bean, Apricot Duck Sausage (yes), and more.

Also new cookies at the Sandwich Shop like Matcha White Chocolate Chip, Sesame, Thai Sugar and Ginger & 5 Spice.

Both shops also have Thums Up (India) and Limca (India) floats! 




OddFellows is Sam Mason, Holiday Kumar and Mohan Kumar.  Sam makes the ice cream.  Holiday handles all things media. And Mohan is the business end behind the operation. He's also the one who invented the hashtag #errbodylovesicecream.

In order to create the highest quality and freshest product available, we pasteurize our own ice cream base -- using locally sourced, hormone-free and additive-free dairy -- in our Brooklyn kitchen. While more time consuming, pasteurizing on location allows us to add more nuance and depth into our ice cream flavors. The result? Distinctive, creamy, and scrumptious flavors ranging from inventive renditions of the classics to the delectably unconventional. 


At OddFellows, we are committed to serving our local community and feel it essential to give back. With every serving of ice cream we sell, we donate $0.05 to the Food Bank for New York City.