Our flagship is located in Williamsburg at 175 Kent Avenue between North 3rd Street and North 4th Street.  We offer 12 constantly rotating flavors of Our East Village Outpost is at 75 East 4th Street between the Bowery and 2nd Avenue. We serve 8 constantly rotating flavors of ice cream and sorbet - all made from scratch.  You can also get our splendidly composed banana splits and sundaes, floats and new innovations like the Cotton Candy Cone and our Ice Cream Sandwich.  Our East Village Outpost offers 8 rotating flavors of ice cream and sorbet - all made in our flagship Williamsburg kitchen.  Both shops offer milkshakes, ice cream floats featuring Virgil's sodas, as well as an array of topping selections including homemade Mast Brothers Hot Fudge and salted caramel sauce. 

Nothing tastes better than homemade. We strive to create the highest quality and freshest ice cream available, pasteurizing our ice cream base in-house to concoct the most distinctive and scrumptious flavors ranging from inventive renditions of the classics to the delectably unconventional. We use locally sourced, hormone-free and additive-free dairy, and pasteurize our own mix, allowing us to infuse more nuanced flavors into our ice cream.

At OddFellows, we are committed to serving our local community and feel it essential to give back. With every serving of ice cream we sell, we donate $0.05 to the Food Bank for New York City.


Mohan, Holiday and Sam

The Team

Team OddFellows is Sam Mason, Holiday Kumar and Mohan Kumar.  Sam makes the ice cream.  Holiday handles all things media. And Mohan is the business end behind the operation. He's also the one who invented the hashtag #errbodylovesicecream.

Williamsburg Flagship


We promise to deliver the best customer service to go along with our super premium ice cream. Let us explain flavors and suggest our favorite pairings. We are here to serve you!


Homemade Waffle Cones


Homemade means homemade. We don't compromise by buying a pre-made base. Our ice cream is made from scratch using only the finest ingredients, including hormone-free and additive-free dairy. We make our waffle cones fresh every day. It is a labor intensive process, but we wouldn't think of doing it any other way.