Apples + Honey

OddFellows is launching our limited edition “Apples + Honey” flavor for the New Year. The flavor has a honeyed cashew milk base with chunks of spiced candied apples (gluten- and dairy-free). A good and sweet flavor for your good and sweet new year. Pre orders available now for local pickup and as a part of the Pick 6 Collection shipping nationwide.

OddFellows x the bodega boys: the bodega capsule

Paying homage to OddFellows’ home and its rich heritage, OddFellows and Desus Nice & The Kid Mero present the BODEGA CAPSULE. Inspired by decades of everyone’s favorite morning pick-me-ups, late night meal runs, and everything in-between; this collection of flavors, which includes baconeggncheese, Sweet Tea & Lemonade among others, is a love letter to what we proudly call our birthplace.

"OddFellows' ice creams are so f*cking good"

- David Chang

"Wildly inventive"

- The New York Times

"Clever and insanely delicious"

- Christina Tosi

"Famously oddball"

- Vanity Fair

"Mad ice cream scientists"

- Zagat

"Ima need dat!!!"

- JoJo

"Texturally prefect and totally delicious"

- Wylie Dufresne