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A new oddfellows! 

Welcome to our newest shop: COFFEE & CREAM by ODDFELLOWS.  Located at 55 East Houston Street in NOLITA.  Opening April 11. 

COFFEE & CREAM by OddFellows Ice Cream Co. will feature 12 rotating flavors of ice cream + sorbet, soft serve, and of course, coffee.  Not just any coffee. We have hired a great crew of baristas and we'll offer a rotating selection of beans from across the country. We are starting with one of New York City's finest: Café Integral (Nolita).  We'll also have coffee soft serve, a special coffee sundae, matcha, kombucha on tap, cold brew on tap and more.  Stay tuned... 


What's Next for OddFellows? 

We'll be moving into our factory early this summer! After that we'll be able to launch our national shipping for pints. We've got more exciting stuff in the works including new pint designs, and a new concept!