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About Us


We are a small-batch ice cream company with a creativity problem. Since opening our first shop in Brooklyn in 2013, we have concocted more than 500 wacky and weird flavors alongside reimagined and improved classics. Our ice cream is like driving 31 in a 25, honking the horn the entire time.

The Oddest Story

In 2011, Mohan Kumar had a problem. He needed to find a fix for his wife Holiday, whose strange pregnancy cravings included savory ice cream she couldn’t find on grocery shelves. He mentioned this to his friend Chef Sam, who whipped up a few quarts of pretzel ice cream. Holiday loved it so much that the trio decided to start an ice cream empire, with their first kingdom in Williamsburg.

The oddest fellow

Acclaimed pastry chef Sam Mason is the wizard behind all of OddFellows’ creations. Best known as the opening pastry chef at Michelin-starred WD~50, Chef Sam is a James Beard Award nominee and Rising Star Chef. He’s also named all his kitchen equipment after female country singers.