COVID 19 precautions

We are committed to providing a safe work environment as well as a safe store environment. As such, OddFellows has implemented many new procedures to ensure safety during COVID-19 and beyond.  Kitchen and shop team members are being provided masks, gloves, hand sanitizers and daily guidance and training on how to effectively use these items.  All open shops and our production facility are frequently disinfected with extra measures for high-traffic/touch areas.  Six feet of social distancing is required and marked throughout locations for reference.

How do you make your ice creams?

We make our ice creams and sorbets from scratch in our Bushwick (Brooklyn) laboratory. We have three batch freezers and we pasteurize all of our bases on site. This is truly small-batch ice cream.

What is your return policy?

All sales are final. If your ice cream doesn’t arrive frozen, we’ll reship the order at our cost. Need customer service? Contact hello@oddfellowsnyc.com

Do you sell gift cards?

Yes, we offer e-gift cards and physical gift cards. Please visit our LINK section on the website

Who are some of your favorite pop stars?

Elvis, JoJo, Steve Winwood, Paula Abdul, Britney...B****, Nicki "The Queen" Minaj, Corey Hart, to start.

Are you safe for someone with a nut allergy?

We follow all leading industry protocols to avoid cross-contamination in our production facility, but please note that flavors containing tree nuts are regularly produced there, and thus we cannot fully guarantee that any flavor does not contain trace amounts of nuts.

Do you have gluten free flavors?

Yes, many of our ice creams and sorbets are gluten free. If you have a question about a particular flavor, please email us at hello@oddfellowsnyc.com.

Do you have vegan (dairy-free) flavors?

Yes, we do offer vegan (dairy-free flavors). Vegan ice creams are also SOY-FREE! You can find them in our shops, and also available for national delivery HERE

Is the ice cream kosher?

No, our ice cream is not yet certified as kosher.

What's up with the monkey?

No questions about the Monkey. Do not upset the monkey.

Where do you ship?

We ship to 48 states.

How do you ship?

We pack our pints in an insulated box with enough dry ice to ensure that the goods stay frozen for the trip from Brooklyn to your home.

What have you streamed during quarantine?

Finally got around to Breaking Bad - awesome. All the Studio Ghibli movies - enchanting. Gilmore Girls - again. 

Is there a minimum order?

Currently all orders are for 6 tubs per order.

What do I do with my cooler when I get my delivery?

We are aware of the environmental impact of shipping and packing materials and strongly encourage recycling or repurposing of the packaging. They make great coolers for chilling beverages in a park. Like… beer or wine… you know.

I sent ice cream as a gift, and the person was not home, do you re-deliver?

Before placing an order, please confirm that someone will be home to put the ice cream away in the freezer. If the recipient is not home to receive, there would be a charge for redelivery or reshipment.

What are Capsules? How do they work?

A capsule is a curated collection of ice cream flavors based on a certain theme. Capsules will drop at random, and will shine a spotlight onto the distinct flavors that are associated with each concept. Picture when your favorite clothing or makeup brand drops a new limited edition line of products. Yeah, you’ll be waiting to click Add to Cart as soon as you see the announcement.

My local grocery doesn't carry OddFellows. How can I change this?

Please ask your grocery store to stock OddFellows. And if that doesn't work, please email us at hello@oddfellowsnyc.com - we will do our best!

How long after I open a tub is the ice cream still good to eat?

Technically, if frozen, ice cream lasts for months and months and months. But we recommend polishing it off in a week for best results.  A lot of this depends on your freezer and how much moisture gets into the tub after first use.