Host of Cupcakes

Nothing says adulthood like walking into a deli to pick up a modest bag of chips, only to walk out with plastic wrapped cream-filled cupcakes. This irresistible combination of chocolatey cake and sweet delicious whipped cream is best enjoyed immediately after you come to the resolve that you do, in fact, deserve this.

How did we flip this gold standard treat into an equally as tasty ice cream flavor? That's an easy one! We started with our basic sweet cream ice cream base and blended in a homemade chocolate syrup to give it a nice light chocolatey flavor. The thing is that when you bite into one of these classic cupcakes, your taste buds are not attacked with a strong chocolate flavor. This is what we recreated here with the ice cream base.

Don't forget the light chocolate cake chunks found hand mixed into the base! Again, you're not getting jumped by the chocolate. The chocolate is there, but just like with the ice cream base that we wound up with, its only one part of the show.

The final key component of this confection is that fluffy whipped cream found in the middle of the chocolate cupcake. Honestly, the filling is the best part of the whole cupcake, are we lying? That's why we whipped up our own cream filling and hit it with some liquid nitrogen. Food science, am I right?

What you get at the end of the day is an ice cream that gives you just enough of every component, without overdoing any of them.....just like the little cupcake you know and love. You can find Host of Cupcakes alongside the rest of the Bodega Capsule online now available for Nationwide shipping.